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What Is Human Growth Hormone

hgh with ageThe human growth hormone, also known as HGH or scientifically called somatotropin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body in the anterior pituitary glands. It is a mitogen that is only specific to certain cells. Its main function in the human body is for cell growth and regeneration, strong bones and muscle mass increase in children. In adults it is essential for normal body structure and metabolism. It also plays a major role in the overall health of our body tissues including the brain.

Its secretion is not continuous as it is produced in a series of bursts every 4-5 hours. Its secretion peaks during the first few hours of sleep and it is produced mostly in adolescents. Its secretion reduces significantly as we grow older. Exercising is another way of increasing the production of human growth hormone. Once HGH is produced, it only stays active in the bloodstream for a short time and the liver converts it to the insulin-like component to be absorbed in the body. In the olden days, HGH was harvested from dead people and injected into the bodies of children who have less than average height.

A deficiency in HGH in children will cause them to mature at a slower rate and cause weak bones which are prone to fractures. Psychologically it can lead to poor memory, depression and reduced concentration. In the UK it is estimated that one in every 10,000 people will experience HGH deficiency.

Some people take in high levels of human growth hormone as they believe it can help give a person back their youth. This is a myth and as of now as no scientist has been able to provide credible proof of this. In fact, taking in high amount of HGH can be highly dangerous and cause harmful effects to the body like abnormally large limbs and can lead to altered facial features.

Side Effects of HGH

The HGH or human growth hormone is also one of the hormones that the pituitary gland produces. The production of this very important hormone starts to reduce when a person reaches the middle age. The natural slowdown in the production of the human growth hormone stimulated interest in investigating whether the use of artificial HGH can help slow the process of aging and if it can help to regain the lost youthful vitality. Synthetic HGH can be prescribed for those adults who suffer from deficiency in growth hormone and also to those people who suffer from AIDS and HIV-associated muscle wasting.

side effects of hgh

On the other hand, there were reported side effects of HGH experienced by some people. These HGH side effects are as follows:

  • Swelling – HGH should be injected and it can be obtained only when you have a prescription. HGH injections might trigger swelling of your hands, arms, legs and feet. However, the swelling may just go away while you are undergoing the treatment or by reducing the use or dosage of HGH injections.
  • Joint and Muscle Pain – This is one of the common HGH side effects. You may experience musculoskeletal discomfort with joint or muscle pain and stiffness or aches in your feet and hands. This side effect might simply take place during treatment and it will go away when discontinue using HGH. You may also experience carpal tunnel syndrome as a probable side effect of HGH. It affects the median nerve which runs from your forearm going to your hand. It can trigger weakness, numbness and pain in your wrists and hands, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke.
  • Enlargement of Your Breast – HGH might trigger enlargement of your breasts and in takes place in some men. There was a study that has been conducted in order to test the relationship between the insulin-like growth hormone, adipose mass, changes in the lead body mass and also the negative effects of HGH treatment. This was a placebo-controlled research wherein there were 83 older men grouped into two. One group was taking HGH and the other took placebo. They told that continuous HGH treatment was related to increased frequency of gynecomastia and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Contributory Risk – the use of HGH might trigger increased risk for diabetes in the case of acromegalic patients and to patients who have increased output for growth hormone. Moreover, acromegalic patients are likewise at risk for high blood pressure that can result to cardiovascular disease as well as premature death.
  • Needle Contamination – human growth hormone can be administered by injection from a doctor or by a patient. When the syringe to be used is non-sterile or is contaminated, there can be risk of cross contamination from some blood borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV or AIDS.

These side effects of HGH can be controlled somehow by learning the right way to use human growth hormone. High dosages of HGH injections will surely lead you to suffering from these adverse reactions. If it is your first time to take HGH injections, be sure that you follow all the instructions given by your doctor for your safety and to achieve the expected results in the long run.

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Wrap Up.

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